Blame it on my Roots

Pre-gaming Essentials

We all know pre-gaming is necessary, especially for girls who are about to strap on that 4 inch heel for the next three hours.   It’s often overlooked and undervalued, but it’s usually the best part of the night because it holds the promise of an amazing night and none of...

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Struggling but Standing

It’s no secret it’s hard shit running a small business. Everyone tells you it will be when you tell them you are going to quit your 8 to 5 to do your own thing. I fail every day! I fail at little things and some of the big things. But...

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     So the first question I get is what does Roots 34 stand for? We will get to that shortly, but first I want to introduce my story. My name is Breanne and I am the owner. That still sounds crazy to say or hear. I'm the owner of this...

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